We offer women in the United States trendy products that identify with the latin essence products that highlight its beauty at all times.

We have captured the essence of Latin women in a portfolio of 3 brands corresponding to beauty products, accessories, and sportswear.

With modern, original, and flashy designs, the SuperLoss sport clothing and girdles, captivate the sport-loving and athletic women. Quality materials of the latest technologyenhance the female figure in a comfortable and syleish way regardless of the type of exercise being performed. Comfort and design in a single garmet.
True Ideology
Versatile, natural, and authentic products, inspired by the tradition of homemade, with recipes handed down through generations from mothers to daughters to have smooth and healthy skin. Hydrating and rejuvenating creams, oils and serums constitute True Ideology’s portfolio.
Art Biography
Unique pieces inspired by the beauty of Latin American beauty. Each gem tells its own path, it captures the essence of a craftsman and his people, just enough to use them to perceive the wonderful secrets that they hide. Earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets make Art Biography a brand synonym of elegance and style.

Como nos ayudas a apoyar nuestras raíces consumiendo nuestros productos

Jewelry made by hand by mothers and artisans head of the family.
We are committed to supporting women and their needs.

We give priority to producers of small and medium-sized companies in Latin American countries that meet our quality and design requirements

Our beauty products are made with natural ingredients, are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Ser latina te ofrece lo que prefiere, añora e identifica a la mujer latina actual, productos que definen su personalidad dinámica, alegre y vibrante

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